What is Glutathione (GSH)?

Glutathione (GSH) is not a drug, but a naturally occurring body-own chemical substance which is present in every body cell and, with an increased concentration, especially in the organs. Although glutathione is produced by the body itself via dietary intake, as a result of aging processes, lifestyle, nutrition and diseases there may be a gap between the demand for, and the availability of GSH. In addition, the organism's ability to self-synthesize GSH decreases always more as a result of age from approx. 40 years onward. The glutathione level in the healthy person should be approx. 4 - 15 g depending on the nutritional condition and age.

GSH performs important tasks in the body protecting the cells and is thus a central component of the immune system against acute and chronic health challenges. Figuratively speaking, GSH plays the role of a "spark plug" in the cell metabolism.

Over 60 years of research work and 80,000 scientific papers have shown that glutathione is one of the most important protective molecules in the human body.

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