Shipping costs

» Are orders from other countries also accepted?
Yes, orders from other countries are also accepted.

» What shipping costs are charged?
Within Germany: We charge a packing and shipping fee of 4.95 € for deliveries within Germany. For orders over 50 €, we take over the shipping costs. Should the order value fall below 50 € due to a return, we reserve ourselves the right to charge 4.95 € shipping costs for the original dispatch of the goods.

Outside Germany: For packing fees and charges regarding delivery to other countries,  please check our General Terms & Conditions, § 4, Deliveries abroad. 

» How fast is delivery?
The ordered products are delivered as soon as possible, usually within 2 to 3 business days after order confirmation. We have no influence, however, over delivery delays by the parcel delivery company. Please note that orders placed over the weekend, holidays and e.g. during the Christmas time may cause delivery delays.

» How to proceed if order is not delivered?  
Please contact our Customer Service at or give us a phone call at +49 (0) 7551-947 3839.

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